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GM Swapnil Dhopade

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Learn the Art of fighting back from Carlsen!!

Carlsen vs. Xiong 2020

Hello dear readers,

Consider the following words – “You dont loose when you fail, but you lose when you dont get back up.”


This is a famous quote from a great person and it fits perfectly well for Magnus Carlsen. We have seen many times when he is able to escape from the clutches of the opponent. He ends up in minus positions but somehow fight back and escapes with a draw or even manages to win the game. This fighting character that he has developed has played a huge role in his journey to becoming World Champion.

In this article, we are going to see one such game which he recently played against GM Xiong Jeffery of the USA, in the clutch chess champions showdown organises on lichess.

It’s Time To Start Our Quiz!- 


12.Nxb5?? - Can you guess the Perfect Move For Black!


21..Nc7 - Here Magnus had a chance to accept the draw with repetition but he goes for the kill!


33...Bg4?? - Find the final blow from White!

I hope you enjoyed this Amazing Fighting Spirit Game by Magnus Carlsen!

The following is a video analysis of the above game by me uploaded on my youtube channel Chess Pathshala. Do check out the video analysis and also subscribe to our youtube channel as we update regular useful chess content on the channel.

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